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Environmental Complaint Form


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    1. Frequently Asked Questions About the Environmental Enforcement Process
      After I submit my complaint, what are the next steps?
      After we receive your complaint and any information or evidence you have (either online or by phone) the following are the usual steps that we take:
      • Your complaint is assigned a case number and assigned to an investigator. If necessary, an investigator may contact you to discuss your complaint and any information or evidence you have. Please note: If you want to have further contact with your investigator, be sure to write down your investigator’s name and your case number.
      • In most cases, an on-site investigation will be done to see if any environmental regulations have been violated.
      • If the investigation reveals a violation, we will take appropriate enforcement action to ensure that the violation is corrected. Actions could include issuing an order to correct the problem and assess a fine.

      Do I have to identify myself?
      You can file a complaint anonymously either online or by telephone. However, if you remain anonymous, we will not be able to contact you for follow-up information, if needed.

      How long will it take to get a response?
      We will respond as soon a possible after we receive your complaint. We take every complaint seriously and we will investigate your concerns.

      How will I know what you decide?
      Once we have completed our investigation, which may have been based on information or evidence you provided, we will take the action needed to correct any problems found. If you have any questions about this decision, you can contact us by calling 817-598-0969 and providing your assigned case number.

      What if I am not satisfied?
      Stay in touch with us. If you have the problem again, call and let us know. We may need to re-investigate the situation.