Animal Control

The Animal Control Division is responsible for the following animal issues in the unincorporated portions of Parker County:

  • Animals running at large
  • Enforcement of the leash law
  • Estray livestock
  • Rabies control

Animal Shelter
The Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter is funded by both the City of Weatherford and Parker County, but the operation is strictly under the control of the City of Weatherford.

 Leash Law

There is a countywide leash law in Parker County, meaning all dogs must be contained to your property or on a leash at all times within the county. Any dogs not on a leash or contained within their property are subject to being impounded and taken to the Weatherford / Parker County Animal Shelter in Weatherford.

Parker County Animal Control Ordinance Part 1

Parker County Animal Control Ordinance Part 2

Lost Pet

If you have lost a pet you need to call the shelter at 817-598-4111 or go by the shelter at 403 Hickory Lane in Weatherford to see if your pet is there. Any resident of Parker County who finds a lost pet is encouraged to take the animal to the shelter, contact animal control through the Sheriff’s Office dispatch at 817-594-8845 and they will be able to take the animal to the shelter.

Livestock Registration Form

Access the livestock registration form to complete and submit.

Notice of Estray

The following estray was impounded by the Parker County Sheriff’s Office on August 9, 2022: one (1) black swine on the 1400 block of Bagle Rd., Weatherford, Texas. This animal will be sold at public auction held at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter, 403 Hickory Lane, Weatherford, Texas, if not claimed within 15 days of this posting. Contact the shelter at 817-598-4111 for information. 

El siguiente perro extraviado fue incautado por la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Parker el 9 de agosto de 2022: un (1) cerdo negro en la cuadra 1400 de Bagle Rd., Weatherford, Texas. Este animal se venderá en una subasta pública en el Refugio de Animales del Condado de Weatherford/Parker, 403 Hickory Lane, Weatherford, Texas, si no se reclama dentro de los 15 días posteriores a esta publicación. Comuníquese con el refugio al 817-598-4111 para obtener información.