COVID-19 Update

***The County has diligently been working with surrounding counties, as well as State and Federal agencies to increase available vaccines.  See updated information below which we will continue to provide as new information becomes available.***



The Parker County Hospital District has been designated as a Vaccine Hub by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Read the following for information on how to obtain a vaccination. 


The Hospital District is in the process of making changes which will help our staff administer vaccinations on a large scale. The biggest change is that the Hospital District is transitioning from a “wait list” system to an online scheduling system which will allow you to schedule a date, time and place to receive your vaccination. In order to make this transition and remain fair to those who have already been placed on a waiting list, the Hospital District has grouped people into two categories:


1.  For those who signed up on the Hospital District waiting list prior to February 1:  Hospital District staff will be contacting you to schedule a date, time and place for your vaccination.  If you are on this list, you do not need to do anything. The Hospital District will contact you soon. 


2.  For those who are not on a waiting list anywhere else:  The Hospital District has implemented an online appointment system. This system allows the Hospital District to be much more efficient in scheduling mass vaccinations.  The Hospital District is currently giving vaccinations in priority groups Phase 1A and Phase 1B


      The quickest way to receive a vaccination is to visit the Hospital District website at On this site you can sign up for a date, time and place to receive your vaccination. All vaccinations are given by appointment only.   Blocks of appointments are released on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00AM.


      If you do not have access to the internet or have repeated difficulty in attempting to schedule an appointment online please call the Hospital District’s COVID Vaccine Hotline at 817-402-1118 and a Hospital District employee will assist you in scheduling an appointment. The phone line will go into operation on February 1, 2021. It is staffed Monday – Friday from 8:00AM to Noon and 1:00PM to 5:00PM. This phone line will not accept voicemails. 


SECOND DOSES: For those who have already received their first vaccine dose, you will be receiving your second dose at the same time and place that you received your first dose. If you were given an appointment time and location, please keep that appointment. For those who were not given appointment information at the time of the first dose, the Hospital District will be contacting you. If you have already had your first dose of vaccine, you do not need to make an appointment for your second dose. The Hospital District will contact those who do not already have scheduled appointments. 

Any resident in Texas may get their vaccine in any county in Texas.  However, if you sign up in multiple counties, and you get your vaccine, please contact all the other places that you have signed up and cancel those appointments.


Link to sign up in Tarrant County:

Tarrant County Public Health

Link to sing up in Wise County:

Wise Health System

Link to sign up in Palo Pinto County:

Palo Pinto County 


COVID-19 Vaccine Program Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How is the COVID-19 process going here in Parker County so far? As of 01/27/2021, we have given approximately 4,000 first doses of vaccine. Next week, we begin giving second doses of vaccine. We are getting good feedback on the courtesy and efficiency of the staff at the vaccination sites.


Q. Are there any adjustments/changes you think need to be made to the process? A lot of adjustments have been made since we were named a hub site just two weeks ago. Our Hub Site status gave us a routine supply of vaccine which made scheduling much easier.  A County building is being utilized as a central location to give most of the vaccines.


Q. The Hospital District is anticipating an increase in doses and plans to do 350 vaccines per day. Is this something that you see happening and continuing in the future? We are giving roughly 350 first doses 6 days a week. That number is about to double as we begin giving second doses as well. The Department of State Health Services has promised a substantial supply of vaccines which will be shipped on a regular basis. 


Q. What is the best way for a Parker County resident to register for the vaccine at this time? The quickest way to get the vaccine is to go to website and register for an appointment. There is a link where you can sign up. There are some frequently asked questions as well. New vaccine appointments are posted on the website every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8:00 AM. 


Q. Is there anything that is important for the public know right now? PLEASE BE PATIENT, we are still in a situation where demand exceeds our doses of vaccine. We are diligently working to vaccinate everyone as fast as possible. Currently, we are still vaccinating those in group 1A and 1B. We have not received any information as to who will be in the next group or when we will begin vaccinating them.


Q. What brand of vaccine do you have?  Currently, we are giving Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.


Q. When are new appointments made available?  New appointments will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday by 8:00 AM.


Q. What do I do if I try to book an appointment and there are no dates and times available?  Keep checking back on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00 AM. 


Q. Why can’t the Hospital District schedule appointments further out? There is a very limited supply of vaccines. The vaccines are allocated by the Department of State Health Services to the Hospital District on a weekly basis. The amount of vaccines may vary from week to week and we do not want to make an appointment for someone if we cannot provide a vaccine.


Q. Can my spouse and I be vaccinated at the same time?  Yes. Simply create an appointment for one person and then select the same time slot to create an appointment for the second person. There are multiple appointments available for each time slot.


Q. What about my second shot?  You will need a second shot of the same brand of vaccine. As we are giving the Pfizer brand, the second shot should be 21 days later. When you receive your first dose, you will be given an appointment for your second dose. You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email for the second appointment.


Q. I got my first shot from another provider. Can I get my second shot from you? All sites are given equal numbers of first and second doses. Therefore, you will need to return to the site you were given your first dose. We do not have extra second doses to use.


Q. What if I made an appointment and need to change it?  When you make an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email are instructions for how to change or cancel your appointment. 


Q. How do I know that my appointment was created? You will receive a confirmation email when you create your appointment. In addition, you will receive a reminder email and a reminder text message one day prior to your appointment.


Q. Do you have a waiting list?  There is no longer a waiting list. To make this process more efficient for everyone, we have implemented an online appointment system. You may schedule your appointment on the website.


Q. What is the address of the clinic where I will receive the vaccine?  This information is included in your confirmation and reminder emails and text messages.  You can also find this information on the signup page by clicking the Read More button associated with the site.  Hospital District Vaccination Sites are located at 118 West Columbia St. and 712 East Anderson St, Weatherford, TX 76086 


Any COVID Vaccine questions should be directed to the Hospital District at 817-402-1118.






** next DRIVE THROUGH TESTING DATE is scheduled for Wednesday, april 21st.  VIEW FLYER **

Texas COVID-19 Count (DSHS Dashboard)

Texas COVID-19 Testing Counts (DSHS Dashboard)

Global COVID-19 Count 

Health and Human Services Long-Term Care Facility Data 

Parker County Case Counts:

Due to inaccuracies in reporting zip codes, city counts are no longer available.

Daily posting of updated COVID-19 numbers is contingent upon the timely posting of updated data on the Texas Department of State Health Services dashboard.

For the most updated COVID-19 report from DSHS visit:


**The data that is being reported is provided to us on a daily basis by DSHS and Texas Health Trace (THT).  

With an increase of new positive cases of COVID-19, Parker County Judge Pat Deen would like to remind Parker County residents of the importance of practicing safe methods to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  The CDC recommends the following three ways to slow the spread:  

  • Wear a facial covering over the nose and mouth
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart from others who don’t live with you, particularly in crowded areas
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

Parker County is still under Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order No. GA-29 related to the use of facial coverings during the COVID- 19 pandemic.  This order states:  

“Every person in Texas shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when inside a commercial entity or other building or space open to the public, or when in an outdoor public space, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from another person not in the same household…”

At this time, there is no expiration date of the Governor’s order. 

Parker County Judge Pat Deen states, “Over the past few months, we have had to make significant changes to our everyday routines.  Although this has created some challenges for us, it is very important to continue these practices in order to slow the spread of the virus.  I ask that we all do our part so we can keep our community healthy and keep our schools and businesses open.”