Parker County Application Procedures

The following has been prepared as a guide for persons interested in applying for a job with Parker County. It outlines the steps that must be taken when applying for a job. It also gives other information about the application process.

  1. Applications for employment with Parker County shall be accepted only when there are job openings and the individual applying for a job indicates the specific job or jobs for which he or she is applying. Applications which are submitted when there are no job openings, or which do not indicate the job for which the individual is applying, shall be returned to the individual with an explanation of the County’s application procedure.
  2. Before anyone will be considered to be an applicant for a job with the County, he or she must:
  3. Fully complete an original Parker County Application for Employment form;
  4. Return the completed form to the Parker County Employee Benefit's Office prior to the closing date for the job or jobs in which the individual is interested;
  5. Note: Applications for a specific job will only be accepted through 5:00 p.m. on the closing date for that job. Applications received after that will not be considered for the job and will not be accepted;
  6. Notify the Employee Benefit's Office, at the time the application is turned in, of the specific jobs or jobs for which application is being made; and
  7. Employment applications will be sent by mail to individuals making such requests to the Employee Benefit's Office only when there are job openings available. A cover letter must be included which states the job for which the individual is applying, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Completed applications may also be returned to the Employee Benefit's Office by mail.

Note: In mailing and accepting applications by mail, neither the County nor the Employee Benefit's Office will assume any responsibility for applications which are delayed or lost in any phase of the mail process even if such a delay prevents the application from reaching the Employee Benefit's Office before the closing date for a specific job.

  1. Resumes will be accepted to provide additional information about an individual’s qualifications only when submitted with the County’s Application for Employment form in accordance with the steps outlined in Section 2 of this procedure. The mere submission of a resume does not constitute application for employment with the County. Resumes which are not submitted in accordance with this procedure will be returned to the individual with an explanation of the County’s application procedure.
  2. Applications accepted under this procedure from individuals who are not hired will remain in an active file for sixty (60) days from the date the application was made. Applications in this file will not be reviewed for consideration as new job openings occur. However, an individual may activate his or her application for consideration for a later specific job opening provided he or she notifies the Employee Benefit's Office in writing of his or her interest in the job prior to the closing date for the job. After an application has been on file for sixty (60) days, it will become inactive and a new application must be filled out for consideration for future openings.
  3. Current employees of Parker County who wish to apply for another job in the County shall be required to follow this application procedure.
  4. All interviews for employment with Parker County shall be scheduled by the hiring department. No meeting or discussion with an elected official, department head, manager, supervisor, or other employee of the County shall be considered to be an interview unless it is scheduled and identified as a job interview by the hiring office.
  5. Information on available jobs may be obtained from the Employee Benefit's Office or by calling the Parker County Job Line at 817-598-6143. All open positions are also posted on the bulletin boards at the Main Courthouse, the Courthouse Annex and the Northeast Annex in Springtown, as well as the Parker County website .

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If following up on an application that has been submitted for consideration, please contact the department that posted the open position.