Recycling & Clean-up Day

Household Chemical Waste Disposal Procedure:

1. Purchase a voucher, $50, from the Sheriff’s Office at 129 Hogle Street.
2. Take voucher and chemicals, paints, fertilizers, florescent bulbs, herbicides, pesticides, household chemicals or cleaners, medication, pool chemicals, stains, varnish, acid aerosol cans and old gasoline or fuel, that needs disposal, to Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center at 6400 Bridge Street. 817-392-3279.

Recycle items Accepted Year-Round at Precinct yard:

  • Aluminum - drink cans (no tin food cans please)
  • Antifreeze - moved up front. Now located inside the gate to the right, with the other public recycling. In white vat (next to used oil vat)
  • Scrap metal - enter gate and drop at back left corner near other metal
  • Tires with or without rims - place on ground just to the left as you enter gate. (Tires from a business will not be accepted)
  • Used motor oil, cooking oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid and oil filters -located inside the gate to the right. Used oil goes into the large vat, filters belong in the drum.
  • Vehicle Batteries - on pallet near used oil vat

We do not recycle paper, plastic, cardboard and glass. Please check with your trash company about recycling services available. Some schools recycle paper with some proceeds going to the school.

Next Clean-up Day - DETERMINED IN EARLY 2021

Clean up day is once a year. The court determines a Saturday every year in which the county will accept items that normally cannot be disposed of through your waste services. Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


We do not accept the following items on Cleanup day: 

  • Paint, paint cans, spray paint, varnish, wood stains, etc.
  • HOUSEHOLD TRASH (you should have a local waste disposal company for that service)
  • Burn barrels full of ash
  • Gas, diesel, propane tanks or flammable products
  • Household chemicals such as cleaners or fertilizers
  • Sealed barrels or 55 gallon drums of any kind
  • Any waste from a business, commercial contractor or non-resident of Parker County.
  • Medical or bio-hazard waste products.
  • Any type of shingles.

Please note that the items not accepted are for safety and environmental reasons. Clean-up day is for local homeowners. It was intended to help keep Parker County Beautiful and provide an alternative to disposing of brush and materials instead of burning.