Effective 12/10/19: reporting controlled burns online OR by phone is no longer required.  the burn notification has been removed.  please Read info below for your responsibility.

On the day that you plan to burn.  please visit our  link to the National Weather Service watches, warnings and advisories page. on the fire marshal page.  It will show if an ozone alert is in place or a wind advisory, etc. all of which can lead to burning being prohibited for that day. If we are under an ozone alert, that means no burning of any kind, If we are under a wind advisory (anything greater than 23mph) for any part of a given day, that means no burning of any kind, If we are under a fire weather watch that means no burning of any kind.  It is your responsibility to be informed about the current  burn status. Anyone burning illegally may be subject to a citation.

Keep in  mind day to day changes in weather conditions  may affect if a burn can take place (even if an actual burn ban is not in place). parker county thanks you for your cooperation and adherence to the necessary safety precautions.