Parker County Community Supervision and Corrections Department

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Community Supervision

Community Supervision is an alternative to incarceration that permits offenders to live and work in the Community, support their families, receive rehabilitative services, and make restitution to the victims of their crimes.  The single most used criminal punishment in the United States today, Community Supervision is a judicial function governed by the Courts that sentence defendants.

When carefully administered and applied to those who can safely be monitored in the Community, Community Supervision can provide rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders into society, ultimately helping to reduce crime.  The Community Supervision and Corrections Department provides public safety through treatment, planning, and prevention.  Parker County Community Supervision Officers have dual responsibilities of public safety and rehabilitation.  Their ultimate goal is to stop the cycle of crime and prevent offenders from becoming serious and violent criminals.

Role of Community Supervision

The unprecedented growth in the nation’s prison population has placed a heavy economic burden on taxpayers in terms of the cost to build, maintain, and operate prisons.

According to the United States Justice Department, over 2 million Americans are behind bars. This represents nearly six times as many inmates as we had in 1970.

Society must incarcerate those serious and violent offenders who endanger the Community.  For many nonviolent offenders, however, Community Supervision is an alternative which both protects society and allows clients the opportunity of rehabilitation.

When Sentenced to Community Supervision

Offenders report immediately to Community Supervision Officers after Judges sentence them to Community Supervision.  Officers then interview them, explain the conditions of Supervision (agreed upon in court and signed by offenders), and assign them to a caseload, usually determined by residence and risk levels posed to the Community.  Offenders then have a scheduled appointment to report to their assigned Community Supervision Officers (CSO).  If they fail to report as instructed, appropriate sanctions are applied.

Mission Statement

To protect public interest and safety by reducing offender recidivism through the provision of opportunities for positive social interaction, expectations of law abiding behavior, and individual accountability.


Continue to serve the Courts and citizens of Parker County by supervising offenders through evidence-based practices, which has been proven to reform offender behavior and reduce recidivism.