Paying a Ticket


The options after receiving a ticket are: (CDL holders please call Court)

  • Pay the acceptable fine and court cost, as directed by the Court, on the reply form, you will need to complete section 3, #1 on the back of reply form (this may or may not affect your driving record and/or insurance).
  • Request the Driving Safety Course if you have not had a Driving Safety Course in the last 12 months to have a ticket dismissed (complete section 1 & 4 on reply form, note: this section must be notarized). You will pay the Court Costs as well as the fee to the company that teaches the class and obtain your driving record using the form provided by the court.
  • Request Deferred Disposition (a type of probation), please call the court to see if you are eligible and what the fine and court costs would be.
  • Request your case be set for pretrial, jury trial or bench trial. All cases are set for pre-trial first to give you an opportunity to speak to the County Attorney regarding your case and determine if an agreement can be reached.


Payments may be made in person, by mail (money order or cashier checks only), or online, or by phone at the respective Justice of the Peace Office. nCourt is a third party vendor and charges a convenience fee. All payments must be accompanied by a signed plea by the person who received the ticket.

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