District Clerk

District Clerk Advises of Phone Scam:

Sharena Gilliland, Parker County District Clerk, is warning the public about a phone scam being perpetrated by callers impersonating court personnel. The scammers say that there are warrants out for people who failed to appear for jury service and ask for payment in order to avoid being arrested. The caller ID may even list a number from an actual Parker County office.

Please be advised that the Parker County District Clerk’s office does NOT call individuals asking for personal information.

To avoid becoming a victim of this type of phone scam:

  • Always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls

  • Never give money or personal information to someone with whom you don’t have ties and did not initiate contact

  • If concerns remain about the caller’s claims, verify the information with the appropriate court officials or law enforcement agency. You may call the District Clerk’s office to verify; (817) 598-6114. You may also contact the Parker County Sheriff’s Office at (817) 594-3213.

District Clerk Sharena Gilliland Video


The Office of the District Clerk was created by the Texas Constitution. The District Clerk is responsible for filing and docketing all court documents and is charged with the custody, maintenance, and preservation of all court records. The District Clerk is the clerk of the court for the 43rd and 415th Judicial District Courts of Parker County.

All district court civil, family, juvenile and felony cases are filed with the clerk. The clerk updates child support information with the State Disbursement Unit. At the conclusion of felony cases, the clerk is required to report all dispositions with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Court fees, costs, and fines are collected and registry funds are held by the clerk. The District Clerk also serves as the Jury Coordinator for Parker County which includes overseeing of the selection of names for the jury, summons, and payments for jurors.

E-filing Tips for filing with the Parker County District Clerk:

~~ Proposed Orders should be submitted as a separate lead document.

~~ Exhibits to a motion or pleading should be saved or scanned as 1 document. If the document is too large, the exhibits should be added as an attachment to the lead document.

~~ Family Cases (excluding adoption) must include the names, not just initials, of all parties in the style/caption.

~~ Bookmarks in the PDF are appreciated.

~~ If you are unsure which filing code to use, give us a call: (817) 598-6114.

~~ We are now accepting E-filed documents for criminal cases in District Court! E-filing in criminal cases is optional.