Doing Business with the County

Welcome and thank you for visiting Parker County Purchasing. To visiting sales representatives, especially those making their first call, we extend a warm welcome to you! This information will acquaint you with our organization, policies and procedures or special requirements.


Bidding is the process by which competitive pricing is obtained. Bids can be via telephone, facsimile machine, informal written quotations, or formal sealed bids. The determination of which procedure is utilized for each request under $50,000 is made by the buying staff in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the purchasing agent and approved by the Commissioners Court.

All expenditures in excess of $50,000 must be handled by the formal sealed bid process in accordance with the State of Texas County Purchasing Act, excluding exemptions, as defined by the State of Texas, Attorney Generals Office, and interlocal agreements. See Local Government Code 262.

Online Bids
The county advertises bids through the Weatherford Democrat and on this website.

Sealed Bids
Formal sealed bids are opened in the Purchasing Conference Room as stated in the bid specifications. Vendors are encouraged to attend all publicly opened bids. For a list of the current bids and opening date / time, please view our online bids center.

Contracts resulting from the formal sealed bid process are awarded by Commissioners Court during their regularly scheduled Monday meetings held the second and fourth Monday of every month. Vendors are welcome (but not required) to attend. Agendas for these meetings are posted the Friday afternoon before Commissioners Court meets on the Parker County website.

Please note that original bids and proposals become the property of Parker County after the Official Bid Opening.

For information regarding the Parker County Transportation Bond program please visit the website here.