Floodplain Development Requirements

Floodplain Development Requirements

It is the purpose of this local law to protect human life and health, promote public safety, and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions in specific areas.




The following documentation is necessary to apply for a Development Permit in the Parker County Floodplain:

  • Site Plan: Must be drawn to scale showing the existing and proposed structures, surface improvements, property lines, streets, slope of land, floodway and floodplain boundaries, and any watercourses.
  • Elevation Data: May be in the form of topographic contour lines or spot elevations on the site plan or the base flood elevation and proposed lowest floor elevation on the building design plans.
  • No-Rise Certificate: Is required for any development within a floodway. This document must be completed by a registered professional engineer and be based upon hydraulic and hydrologic studies.
  • Flood-proofing Certificate: In the case of a non-residential structure that is to be flood-proofed; pre and post-construction certification from a registered professional engineer or architect that the flood-proofing method meets NFIP criteria.
  • Complete the Development Permit Application
  • Pay the applicable fee.

Response Time

Upon receipt of all of the above documentation, the permit application will either be approved or denied within five days of receipt.

Elevation Certificate

A signed and sealed certificate from a professional engineer, land surveyor or architect showing the actual lowest floor elevation in relation to the base flood elevation. This document must be submitted following construction of the lowest floor or setting up the mobile home.