Fire Marshal 

burn notification changes effective 12/10/19

Parker County Fire Marshal's Office no longer requires that you notify us by phone or online when you are burning. However, it is your responsibility to look on our website or Facebook page prior to burning and make sure burning is permissible.  

Fire Weather Watch

In order to determine whether or not Parker County is under a Fire Weather Watch, access the National Weather Service to view current watches, warnings, and advisories. Keep in mind that if the winds are predicted to be 23pmh or greater at any time of the day, burning is automatically prohibited.

Welding During a Burn Ban
Address your questions and concerns by looking at the welding burn ban requirements.

Responsibility for Consequences 
View the State Law in regards to responsibility for consequences of outdoor burning. 


  • Foster / Adoption Home Fire Safety Checklist
    • Print out checklist, once completed, call our office to schedule your inspection.
  • Texas Department of Agriculture Prescribed Burn Plan PBB-604 
  • To Request a fire report, please contact the ESD in your area via one of the following:
  • Willow Park: 817-441-8020
  • Weatherford: 817-598-4280
  • ESD#1: 817-523-7598, Springtown, Aledo, La Junta, Peaster, Poolville, Silver Creek
  • ESD#3: 817-599-0576, Hudson Oaks
  • ESD#7: 817-999-2121, 817-458-0343, 817-594-9473,214-878-7904 Cool, Garner, Greenwood, Millsap
  • ESD#8: 940-798-3055 Central, Adell-Whitt
  • ESD#9:   817-341-7368 Brock, Dennis