Assumed Name Certificate (DBA)

Assumed Name Certificate of Ownership


Unincorporated Business or Profession



General Information:


The Texas Business and Commerce Code Title 5, Chapter 71, requires all persons conducting business or providing professional services to file an Assumed Name Certificate commonly referred to as a DBA.  Section 71.054 of the code states a person shall file the certificate in the office of the County Clerk in each county in which the person maintains a business or professional premises; or conducts business or a professional service without premises.  


A certificate is effective for a term not to exceed 10 years from the date the certificate is filed with the County Clerk. A registrant who has filed a certificate and who ceases to conduct business or render professional services under the assumed name stated in the certificate MAY file a statement of abandonment of use of the assumed name in the office in which the registrant’s certificate was filed.   Please see Sec 71.153 for more information.  


Unincorporated assumed names are not protected.  Another business owner or applicant may have previously chosen the business name you wish to use or may use the same name after you have filed your chosen business name.  Searching the records is the responsibility of the applicant.  An applicant may search assumed name documents already filed in Parker County by appearing in person at the County Clerk’s office 1112 Santa Fe Drive, Weatherford, TX 76086 or online at  


The Assumed Name Certificate must be signed before a Deputy County Clerk or before a Notary Public before being filed.  All parties named on the Assumed Name application form must appear in person at the same time in the office of the County Clerk, 1112 Santa Fe Drive, Weatherford, TX at the time of filing if form has not been notarized in advance.



The Unincorporated DBA form is available in the forms tab.  Please print the form on legal size paper (8.5 X 14).


Certificate of Abandonment of use of Assumed Name is available in the forms tab.




Due at the time of filing:        $26.00      Filing Fee

Additional Copies:                   $7.00      Certified Copy

                                     $2.00       Plain Copy

Certificate of Abandonment

A registrant who has filed an assumed name certificate and ceases to transact business or under professional services under the assumed name stated in the certificate may file a Certificate of Abandonment with the county clerk.

Additional Helpful Information and Resources:

Effective September 1, 2019, HB 3609 eliminated the county-level filing requirement for a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or of a foreign filing entity that conducts business under an assumed name. Please see for more information on filing an incorporated business with the state.


Tax IDs are available from the Texas State Comptroller, Lyndon B. Johnson State Office Building, 111 East 17th Street, Austin TX 78774.


For an Employer’s ID#, go to:  


Federal Tax ID# is available through the IRS at 800-829-1040.


If you need assistance completing your DBA please contact either your CPA, Bank, Attorney or you can contact the Small Business Development Center at: or call (254) 968-0558.



*  Per the Government Code, Sec. 81.10, the County Clerk and staff cannot give legal advice or the rendering of any service requiring the use of legal skill or knowledge, such as preparing any legal instrument or forms.